RRestoration projects are extremely complex and comprehensive by nature. Regardless of the edifice being rebuilt, each section of the commercial or residential property requires specialized skills. As such, it isn’t unusual for restoration contractors to outsource the tasks that might be beyond their area of expertise to sub-contractors—it could be the handling of electrical systems, paintwork, or even roofing.

But unlike most processes that require the intervention of such sub-contractors, roofing has risen as the most popular one, given its importance in the overall restoration process. Though this is a general practice, clients and contractors alike often come across one major hurdle. If the roof is damaged for any given reason—hail, storm, flood, fire, or any other—it requires immediate attention. The restoration contractor would need to first find the right sub-contractor, clean up the property, and get the roof temporarily water-tight until the actual one is built. The whole process can take at least six to eight weeks. This timeframe is unacceptable as it delays the whole process for the contractor. Consider a hospital during the COVID crisis, for instance. A few weeks could be life-threatening for many patients.

Enter BluSky Restoration Contractors—a full-service national restoration, renovation, environmental, and roofing provider for properties damaged by water, fire, storms, and other disasters across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The company’s services include fire damage restoration, smoke/soot mitigation, storm damage restoration, water extraction, water, flood, and sewage mitigation and restoration, dehumidifying and structural drying, and many others.

BluSky Restoration Contractors deploys resources to serve any project requirements or specification needs.

Having sub-contracted roofing themselves up until 2016, BluSky Restoration Contractors witnessed the lasting impact that roofing issues had on their clients. But unlike others in this industry, this company made a difference by introducing an in-house commercial roofing division that renders roof damage assessment, repair, and replacement services.

“We see customers frustrated with the long project delays and unsettled/escalated roofing claims or not receiving real-world pricing due to contractors using inappropriate pricing platforms,” says Troy Osborne, vice president of commercial roofing at BluSky Restoration Contractors. “By bringing a commercial roofing division in-house, we can take care of all a client’s roofing requirements — whether they have a planned replacement project or a large emergency insurance loss.

BluSky Restoration Contractors: A One-of-Its-Kind Property Restoration Company

This also makes us one of a kind, as we are the only restoration contractor to have roofing in-house.”

The Commercial Roofing division at BluSky Restoration Contractors is led by industry veterans with expertise in the most difficult commercial and multifamily roofing projects. For every engagement, they perform an in-depth analysis and project-specific specs that meet all code requirements, site-specific safety plans, and inspections; residents, staff, and customers are always protected. BluSky Restoration Contractors deploys resources to serve any project requirements or specification needs. By having this entire process in-house, what the company delivers on is “real-world pricing” and performance. Unlike other restoration companies who first sub-contract roofing to other vendors and then waste days or even weeks for them to complete the job, BluSky Restoration Contractors’ commercial roofing division ensures a quick turnaround with the least business disruption.

To put things into perspective, a client in Branson, Missouri, reached out to BluSky Restoration Contractors after a winter hailstorm devastated 4,400 squares of R-Panel and standing seam metal roofing across 92 three and four-story buildings. Even though owners could not risk roof replacement extending close to the July 4 holiday and peak occupancy, they still required work to be done with no equipment touching any landscaping, making building access difficult. The project covered the 450-acre property, with COVID-19 pandemic limitation requirements occurring after work commenced, with all services subject to third-party quality assurance observations. BluSky Restoration Contractors sourced multiple material suppliers, equipment, and labor to satisfy the large scale of work. Crews completed all metal roof replacement, including full ice and water shields, more than 60 days in advance of the owner’s schedule and well ahead of peak occupancy season. The project was finished with 100 percent of landscaping preserved and no safety incidents.
  • BluSky Restoration Contractors aims to solidify its position in the restoration business, given its ability to cover projects end-to-end

With many such instances of client success, BluSky Restoration Contractors aims to solidify its position in the restoration business, given its ability to cover projects end-to-end. Just last year, the BluSky Restoration Contractors commercial roofing division grew by 25 percent solely from industrial, hospital, and detention facility projects. The company has merged with four restoration firms and has grown its national presence, with over 800 employees in locations throughout the United States. They continue to expand their presence with new offices opening in Houston and Dallas, Texas, in 2021. “We’ve been serving our clients’ properties in Texas for several years, and requests for service increased exponentially following the recent winter storm,” said Osborne. “We’ll continue to grow where our clients grow and need us most. Investing in these new facilities gives us greater capacity in the area and allows us to respond even more quickly to the increasing demand from our clients.”