Chad Edwards, President, Longhorn Commercial Roofing
Chad Edwards, President One of the most important structures that define a shelter is a roof, which can get damaged due to natural wear and tear as well as extreme weather conditions. Taking care of a roof, whether it belongs to an industrial building, commercial building, or a home is critical to avoid catastrophic roof damage. However, installing, repairing, and maintaining a roof is easier said than done. And with several roofing solution providers in the market, choosing the right vendor for a particular project is a challenge in itself for building owners and building contractors. The best roofers put their customer’s needs first, provide upfront pricing, and set a schedule at the earliest, which is precisely what Longhorn Commercial Roofing offers. The company provides innovative solutions for repairs, restorations, maintenance, new construction, and re-roofs with its sprayed or rolled-on polymer coatings that can be applied to any type of roofing system and material.

“Longhorn is the go-to partner for general contractors and building owners in Texas; they trust and rely on us for every project because we ensure highly competitive pricing and place safety above all else,” says Renee’ Urso, Vice President of Operations, Longhorn Commercial Roofing. The company prides itself on providing cost-effective solutions for every substrate that it encounters. Building value with its coating solutions is especially important to Longhorn as its roof coating solutions are half the cost of a conventional full roof replacement. Longhorn is proud to service a broad and diverse spectrum of clients including private owners, property management groups, general contractors, and investment groups, specializing in providing competitive pricing to meet each groups’ needs, goals, and future plans. The bulk of the company’s business comes from private ownership and referrals.

Success Fueled by a Dedicated Team

Chad Edwards, President, Longhorn Commercial Roofing, started the company in 2008. As a young boy, Edwards helped his father build sheds and houses, and after working for several years in construction, he decided to concentrate solely on commercial roofing. Over the years, Longhorn has provided cost-effective, long-term roofing solutions to clients from small re-roofs to multi-million new builds. A stellar team that can deliver consistent results is the backbone of the company and the secret behind Longhorn’s success. From management to IT to the people on the field, everyone works together to deliver a great service, making a huge difference.

Consequently, repeat customers are a common occurrence and consistently depend on Longhorn’s outstanding services. Kevin Pucetas, Vice President of Sales, was instrumental in recruiting talented individuals and building beneficial relations with clients and his team members. Similarly, with her experience in logistics and safety, Urso built an effective operations team and has developed a trust with clients that many companies are incapable of matching.

Longhorn Commercial Roofing: A Specialist in Commercial Roofing Installation

Longhorn is the go-to partner for general contractors and building owners in Texas; they trust and rely on us for every project because we ensure highly competitive pricing and place safety above all else

Her communication skills have developed a deep trust with clients, and she continues to provide the support needed to help team members go above and beyond what is needed to complete projects.

Longhorn has made a conscious effort to foster a team-driven, selfless culture rooted in service with the utmost priority given to service customers first and foremost. The company’s entire team loves to help people that are in need and have the continued dedication to make sure that the job is completed to their liking. “Our group loves to compete both with each other and against our competition. I truly believe the hunger and constant drive to succeed helps our company maintain the highest standing in the roofing industry in Texas,” adds Kevin.

The Roofing Coating Process in Detail

The first step of roofing involves a thorough inspection of the site conducted by Longhorn’s trusted market managers to diagnose the roof and determine what coating will provide the best solution for a customer’s problem. During the process, information such as photos, drone footage, and thermal scans are sent to the client. This is followed by a meeting with the manager to discuss everything from pricing to the type of service required. After the client is satisfied, Longhorn beings the process of cleaning, prepping and repairing any existing problem areas on the roof. The roof has to be functionally and foundationally stable before the coating process. This step is the very backbone of what sets Longhorn apart from other restoration contractors. Other contractors simply miss or skip over this detail-oriented step before beginning the coating process. Most of Longhorn’s coatings require a two-part application process to ensure that proper adhesion and waterproofing capabilities are present. The end result is a bright, vibrant, and clean-looking roof that is both durable and eye-appealing.

Longhorn offers various long-term warranties and regular maintenance agreements, which clients are typically most interested in. Throughout the project, Longhorn communicates with the client to provide progress reports and also if any potential delays occur due to unforeseen circumstances. After the roofing is complete, photo reports of the finished site are documented and sent to the client for verification. In addition, Longhorn puts safety first and adheres to OSHA recommendations. Its crew members regularly complete the company’s in-house safety program to remain up-to-date with best safety practices.

Companies of all sizes trust Longhorn for their commercial roofing needs throughout Texas. This is primarily due to the company maintaining long-term relationships with their clients and providing excellent results. “We operate differently. Our culture and attitude fuel us to be the best in the industry day in and day out. We have all the tools to ensure the job gets done correctly and efficiently while providing the most value in our pricing. Our employees are knowledgeable, reliable, and focused on delivering and maintaining the very best customer experience in Texas,” explains Kevin.

Moving forward, Longhorn is continuing to expand its offices throughout Texas, and the company is focusing its efforts on delivering roofing services to corporate accounts and property managers. With a strong focus on serving its current customer base, Longhorn continues to grow its clientele. The company is also strengthening its maintenance department in response to greater demand from clients to protect their warranties and investment. Longhorn is committed to delivering the very best customer service in the roofing industry and at the same time promoting long-lasting, energy-efficient construction. Longhorn Commercial Roofing stands apart from other roofing companies.